Sunday, April 06, 2014

"Not Right Now" by Jason Gray

Alright--I am loving Jason Gray's new cd. His songs are so down to earth and full of truth. During his recent concert, he prefaced the following song by sharing a personal story about a time when he was really struggling with life. He confided in one of his buddies what he was going through. After he finished sharing his hardships with his friend, his friend didn't say anything about his struggles but told Jason: "Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to hug you for two minutes, and you are going to let me."

Jason obviously thought that was strange and a little uncomfortable but he agreed to his friend. His friend grasped him tight and gave him a full frontal bear hug. At first, Jason giggled a little bit, but then his giggles turned into sobs and he let all his sad frustrations go while his friend just held him. . . and said nothing. Jason's point in writing this song was that sometimes we are too quick to think we have the answers to someone's grief or problems. But when we do that, we negate their grief as if we don't value it. I hope that I can be a friend who is there for my friends in the same way that Jason's friend was there for him.

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