Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners #5

Ah--the blood moon. The kids have sure been howling these past couple days. I know that some people think the full moon is just a superstition. But after working at a school for three years, I can verify that the full moon affects the students, down to their bones. These past few days, kids have had trouble sitting on their chairs, keeping their hands to themselves, and walking in line. . ("oops, sorry for slamming my body into yours.")

It's a good thing they have also been saying some pretty cute things recently, otherwise I would be looking for work elsewhere. Here are some highlights from conversations with kindergarteners this past week:

"Teacher, I have five names."

Urkel student:
"Do you know why some Ethiopian children have sucked in cheeks? It's because they are starving and malnourished. But not me because I'm African American. This means that sometimes I eat African food and sometimes I eat American food."

"Teacher I have five names." (same kid as earlier, one hour later.)

"I have lots of boogers in my nose."

Student: Teacher, I like your blue pants and your black coat.
Me: Why thank you, those are sure nice words to say.
Another student who overheard: Teacher, I like your hair and your eyes and your nose.
Another student who overheard: I like your nostrils, and your chin and your ears.
Me: Wow, thank you everyone for your nice words.

One student to another student: Quit stamping your feet.
Another student: Yeah, quit stopping your feet.

"Teacher, I have five names." (same kid as earlier, but he tells the other teacher.)

Student: Teacher, he said that my mom and dad kissed.
Me: Oh no, no talking about kissing in school.

Student to another student: Your breath smells like chemicals.

That's a wrap!

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