Friday, April 04, 2014

All Things New

Last night, I had the great fortune to go to a musical Easter performance by Northern Heights Lutheran Church called All Things New. Rob and I went with our Chinese friends. They loved it, and I got chills listening to the music. It was a powerful retelling of Christ's last few years before his death.

The cast included (seemingly) professional actors and actresses. If you have a chance and live in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend this performance. You can check it out here and listen to one of their songs: All Things New

After the show, driving back home in a blizzard, we each shared something that made an impression on us. I shared about how loving Jesus was. He was friends with everyone and even people who betrayed him received nothing but his love and forgiveness. It is one thing to read about Jesus' kindness in scripture, but it is another very vivid thing to see his love acted out.

I want to be mindful of Jesus as my friend. I want to intentionally think about how he responded to the worst sinners with love and kindness. He did not ostracize them. He did not give them the cold shoulder or wait for them to come crawling back to him, and he is not doing that to me.  He is not  looking over my shoulder judging me, recording my wrongdoings. No, Jesus is a gentle, patient, kind, & loving friend, forgiving us always. Always ready to listen to us. Always wanting to listen to us.

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