Friday, March 21, 2014

Best Party Yet

Probably one of the best parties I have thrown to date was back in 2010, Hengyang China.  The occassion was Halloween. Since a lot of the students had heard about Halloween but had misconceptions about it, I decided to throw a fun, not scary, Halloween party.


 I encouraged the students to dress up in costumes and told them we were going to eat candy, bob for apples, and play a game. I was so impressed with how creative the students were at coming up with their costumes. Most of the hats and headpieces these students wore were made by themselves from construction paper.


As most parties go in China, the night was not complete without some freestyle karaoke. One of my more outspoken students serenaded us with a couple of popular hits. (I am trying to figure out how to upload the video here.)  Listening to her sweet voice makes me lonesome for China and my students.


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