Sunday, February 09, 2014

Oh Minnesota

I love this neighborhood in Minneapolis called St. Anthony Main. This particular area is a great little cobble street with restaurants that have open seating in the front similar to what you might find in Europe. On the other side of the street are some large trees with walking trails laced between them. And just beyond the trees is a picturesque river that has a stone arch bridge connecting St. Anthony Main to the heartbeat of downtown Minneapolis. Isn't Minnesota lovely?

Well quite frankly, right now I am tired of Minnesota and its bone chilling, cheek biting coldness. I am tired that I have to wear three socks under my boots, and I still cannot feel my toes after 5 minutes of being outside. I am tired that wearing two layers of pants everyday has giving me indigestion--(Was that too much information?) I am tired that every morning is a battle of the wits to open up the front door of the apartment only to be confronted by 20 minutes of coldness until either I get to work or the car finally starts to warm up. Tomorrow the forecast for the morning is -25 degrees below with the wind chill. I cannot even comprehend how cold that is. I have been waiting anxiously by my phone all night for some word of school cancellation or a late start. Nothing.

But, I am trying to follow the lead of one of my dear friends and choose to be happy even though it is oh so cold outside. After all, we can chose our attitude; we cannot chose our circumstances. With that it mind, my plan is to keep layering up, to embrace the character-building coldness, and to remind myself that cold is just temporary and February chills bring March thrills (or at least warmer weather.)


Rachel Addington said...

seasons. though some are too cold and too long, seasons are good.

Portia said...

Rachel--I was hoping you would chime in and give me a new perspective. Thanks friend! You're right--seasons are not to be taken for granted.