Thursday, January 16, 2014

Puke = Disgusted & Discouraged

I am one of the new people at my job. I love the working environment and the camaraderie with the other teaching staff. I love how eager the students are to learn and how kind and forgiving they are. Yet sometimes, I get discouraged. I get discouraged that for all my years of schooling, I am not using it in obvious ways at my job. I get discouraged that my patience is tested everyday. I even get discouraged with the hierarchy of teachers versus "aides." We are the pooper scoopers, the "hey can you run this child to the office, can you pick up my breakfast for the class, can you make copies, etc." Yes, but can I please get that $30,000 back from my 7 plus years of schooling?

Recently in our kindergarten class, the students have started to brush their teeth after breakfast. I thought it was a good idea, but it has turned into a lot of work. The kids get excited, crowd into the bathroom, drop their toothbrushes, spit on the sink floor, and recently 1 student a day has thrown up after brushing his / her teeth. I am tired of cleaning up puke now. I no longer think brushing teeth is a great idea for kindergarteners to do en mass in the bathroom.
And I have lost faith in further education after High School.


Rachel Addington said...

thank you for extra extra confirming my decision to quit this master's degree :)

Portia said...

No problem Rachel. I hadn't heard that yet. Do you have peace with the decision?

tLisa Ngukam said...

LOL. I just heard kids are brushing teeth in school, which makes a lot of sense! I'm sure their parents are grateful teachers are helping their child brush teeth or thankful they don't have to fight with their kid to brush their teeth everyday! Hahah! Good laughs. On a side note about being treated 2nd class because your're an aide....I think it keeps you humble... :) Don't let others steal your Joy in any position you hold! :)