Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Joys of Moving

In the past 8 months, I have moved 3 times. It could almost be considered my hobby of the year. I used to really hate moving, and while I never think I'll completely love it, it does force me to reflect and simplify the material aspects of life. A person gets rid of those old, torn T-shirts because it's not really worth spending money to buy a bag to move them. One gets rid of illegally manufactured DVD's because for more ease at border control. You don't move cooking products because yours are all old and moldy or let's be honest, you didn't cook that much. You give away clothes that you feel medium about. You don't move furniture (because none of it is yours). You give away plastic stands and baskets to friends. You use up and throw away hair products and lotion. And pretty soon, all your things fit into three suitcases or one trip in a mini-van. Your feel like a simple person but for a day or two.

However, you will soon discover some other frustrating things about simplifying your material life through moving. You can't find things; you don't organize well because life feels transient (and when will you move next after all?) You don't have all those little things that you threw out or gave to friends (wrapping paper, tape, safety pins, Vaseline, heating pad, Benadryl, cleaning products) and so on. And no matter how big or small the move, you have to readjust into your new space: new room-mates & neighbors, new corner shops, nearby grocery stores, convenient gas stations & banks, new library cards and so on. You have to learn how to re-nestle into a new life. And you might also feel a bit like you are in mourning for your former life when you are overcome with the newness and you feel nostalgic for the old.

And sometimes when it's all said and done, you just might feel a little tired and cranky when you don't own any safety pins and you're too cheap and exhausted to go out and buy some.


Drew and Rachel said...

thanks again for giving me your old bras. sincerely!

did I just write that on your public blog! yes I did! you better publish this comment! heheh...

and yes, I did get your email, and yes I certainly will reply soon!

Norman & Joyce said...

Moving can be an quite an ordeal.