Friday, August 05, 2011

Thursday Inquisitions

1. Have you ever talked to strangers

then instantly wished them your friends?

Yet they are strangers

So you say good-bye, sadly.

But secretly you have tucked away their words in your mind.

2. Have you ever stared at someone

to try and read their thoughts?

I have.

I could read they were afraid of my staring.

My method worked;

I read them like a book.

3. Have you ever gone somewhere

you did not want to go

Then discovered

you could not bring yourself to leave?

4. Have you ever dreamt about

someone you have never met?

5. Have you ever woken up

hungry for ice cream and burgers?

6. Have you ever written an angry letter to someone

but did not send it

because when you read it 20 hours later, you sounded like an evil witch

and not so much like a respectable Christian

you fancied yourself to be?

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Norman & Joyce said...

Inspection, speculation, and introspection are all interesting activities.