Friday, August 19, 2011

Interviews: a Follow-up

For those of you on the edge of your seats, wondering whatever happened after the "Interviews Make me Sweat" post, I'm happy to report that I am employed. The job is not close to where I live and does not pay great, but it is sure enjoyable. Ironically, I also feel that I can now finally and fully relax because I am employed. While I was unemployed, I felt guilty just sitting around writing, reading, and enjoying myself. Now, I feel like I can indulge myself which is partly why the month of August has had lots of blog posts. A friend of mine suggested to me that maybe I have had too much time to think recently. Maybe that's true, but I think when I have time to think, I also have time to write, and when I have time to write, I feel pretty good about life even when I feel kind of bad about it. (Can that be logical?)

So, I am employed at Caribou Coffee coffee at the airport. I have had 2 days of training now. I think I'm not super great at any of the skills yet, but I'm sure friendly to people and can empathize with their dark-eyes, dry skin, dehydration, and need for coffee. Right now, I'm at a different Caribou than the one I will be working at. I work with a crew that is quite a bit younger than me. They talk about baseball players I have never heard of, movies I've never seen, and their significant others. I just study the coffee menu and try to laugh sometimes or make mental notes to look up some key names they are discussing. Oh man, if only I had a dollar for all the times I have felt completely awkward in the past month, I could eat out for a week.

At the rate I am going, I have added one major thing a week. The first week, I moved up to the Twin Cities. The second week, I started volunteering at the Hospitality Center for Chinese. This week, I started my job, and next week, I will start taking 2 graduate classes in Teaching English as a Second language. An interesting, stair-stepper of a month.


Norman & Joyce said...

We are pleased to know that you got the job. You have some some busy days ahead.

Norman & Joyce said...

Back to Wednesday.
Here is a poem about a mirror:
Was a man, was a two-
faced man, pretended
he wasn't who he was,
who, in a men's room,
faced his hung-over
face in a mirror hung
over the towel rack.
The mirror was cracked.
Shaving close in that
looking glass, he nicked
his throat, bled blue
blood, grabbed a new
towel to patch the wrong
scratch, knocked off
the mirror and, facing
himself, almost intact,
in final terror hung
the wrong face back.
Philip Booth

Drew and Rachel said...

good job Portia. though you may be older that those kiddos, you don't look a day over 22.

love, rachel