Monday, August 29, 2011

Boy on my Mind

Some days, no matter what I am doing, I just cannot help thinking about a little man who I left in Hengyang. His name is "hammer, hammer" (sounds much cooler in Chinese.) I don't understand how in a room of 15 or so kids one or two of them can just reach out and steal your heart; that's what hammer, hammer did to mine. Link
Maybe it was because we had been through a kind of life and death experience together when he nearly choked to death while I was feeding him, or maybe it was because he actually responded during reading time, or maybe it was because he wanted to sit with me during the Christmas program, or maybe it was because he laughed a little after I made fun of his burp. I don't know. I just know that some days, my tasks here in America feel so silly and pointless compared to the gift of hanging out with that little guy.

And while I am comforted to know that I am replaceable and that others have taken over the work of bringing joy (and snacks) to that room of orphan kids, my heart still has a chunk missing and Hammer, Hammer's fingerprints are all over it.


Norman & Joyce said...

It is good to have fingerprints on the chunk that is missing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Portia, Hammer Hammer is doing great! He went to the park recently with a team that was here and they helped him ride the electric toy cars. Hammer and his mate wu love to sit next to each other looking at the pages of a book together. Wu turns the page and then passes it to Hammer to look at, then wu takes it back and turns to the next page.