Saturday, July 23, 2011

You want some gum?

For me, the answer to this question is always yes. Being a gum-addict, I will never turn down a piece of gum unless I am already chewing some and sometimes, not even then.

So, the other evening as my friend and I were bicycling home from the restaurant, an older man in a maroon Buick slowed way down and called us over with a "Do you girls want some gum?"

"How awesome is this man?" I thought to myself.

This man, I later learned, attends all of Freeman's home baseball and girls' basketball games.
After he gave us each our very own 5 piece pack of Juicy Fruit gum, he asked if we knew anything about the out-of-town baseball game.

"It's supposed to be on the radio, but I can't find it" he said between deep oxygen-assisted breaths.
"Yeah, we haven't heard a report either" said my friend.

"You didn't want to drive there?" I asked somewhat unaware of this man's poor health.

"No, it's too far. I can't handle that" he said pointing to his oxygen tank. "Well, I'll keep searching the radio" he resigned with a little disappointment on his face at our lack of information.

"Thanks so much for the gum" I shouted happily over my shoulder as we pedaled away.

Now, there are plenty of things I really dislike about small towns. But on this particular evening, I realized that this man is one reason why I also love small towns. Because someone you don't even know will give you gum in return for a smile. And because that smile is so much the broader for the simple joy of chewing Juicy Fruit.

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Norman & Joyce said...

It's hard to beat Juicy Fruit and a smile.