Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beijing, Walking Street

Walking street or Wang Fu Jin in Beijing is a popular, tourist attraction especially for foreigners. This narrow street has lots of overly-priced snacks and delicacies including the ever-popular barbecued scorpion on a stick.

Shane and I getting ready to take on Walking Street. (We didn't actually try any snacks minus some fruit at the very end of the street.)

It seemed to me that there were a lot of people eating corn on a stick in Beijing. It struck me as interesting, so I tried to get a photo of it. I wasn't quite speedy enough in this photo as she took a sharp turn.

And in this photo, I think I got a bit too close, but you get the idea. People eating corn on sticks. Interesting and probably a lot healthier than us Americans eating weiner winks on sticks.

Our last night in Beijing, we went with Genevieve and her friends to sing karaoke. We had this big, private room to ourselves, . . . and we sang our hearts out. It felt like a very appropriate way to say farewell (for now) to China.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Bittersweet (not the plant).