Thursday, May 26, 2011

If I could write a letter to me....

Hey there Portia,
You're nearing the end of your time in China. I know you've been feeling overwhelmed by life recently, and realistically, you DO have a lot of tasks to complete in order to end well. However, no one is going to make sure that you don't overdo it or work yourself into a mental break-down. No one is going to tell you when you need to take a break or remind you that you can't save the world.

So, from one friend to another, take it easy. Relax a little bit this week-end. Yes, the Father will give you strength for each task, but He is also not a masochist. He has your mental sanity in mind too. Chill out, say no to all the random tasks that people keep inviting you to do. Sure, you will likely disappoint some people, but remember you are not here to please people. Yes, you just might have to say no to having a good-bye dinner with every single teacher friend or every single class of students. You realistically might not have time to go visit the island with your friend, visit that student for a meal at her home, pick strawberries with a former student, talk with every single friend one last time on QQ, go through every last drawer in your apartment, etc. But you know, it's okay. His grace is sufficient and all the other things, although not bad in themselves, sometimes just serve to distract you and tempt you to look away from the only One who can help you keep it together.

Hope this helps dear self. Yours truly,
PDogg Strasser

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Norman & Joyce said...

Good advice from one who should know.