Thursday, April 14, 2011

TEM-4 and the Cinema

Tomorrow, we are showing an English movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, for our sophomore students to celebrate the completion of their TEM-4 exam. Originally, we had planned to have a big party for all our students, but since together we teach about 800 students, it just wasn't practical.

If you think of it in the next 24 hours or so..lift up our students. This exam is a big deal for them; they get two chances to pass it, this year and next year. If they don't pass it, they can't technically graduate from the University. Most of the students have been sacrificing what little extra time they have to stay in the library and prepare for this test. As I was heading to class today, one student said "the end of the world is tomorrow" (referring to the test). That's how much of an intense reality this test is for students. So, hopefully they will be able to have a right attitude about this test and if things don't go well, we also hope they feel comfortable enough to talk with us.
On an unrelated note, 2 weeks ago, I went to the cinema in Hengyang with my friend. We saw an English movie called "War in Los Angeles" or something like that. It was about aliens attacking the world. I wouldn't actually choose to ever watch this movie on my own volition, but my friend said she heard it was good, and I just went with the flow.

Then, my friend took me to a spa. Sounds nice, huh?
Actually, it was a big awkward. My friend said we should have a shower before the "spa". Okay, no problem except the workers (2 or 3 young girls) were just hanging out in our room as we were supposed to undress and put on a robe to go have a shower. Yeah, I was reminded of shower time after PE class all over again. The shower was nice though and in its own private room. They they massaged our faces for a bit and put some type of mask on us. The mask made our faces you notice? I decided I don't love masks...especially when they cover up your eyes. After the "spa" experience, I let my friend put eye make-up on me. It was a bit thick, but I think she enjoyed it. It was about 10:00 when we finished these two activities; then we had dinner.

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Sounds like fun(for the most part).