Friday, April 15, 2011

Egg Drop Photos

This past week in class, I used my team-mate Amber's lesson plan called the "egg drop." The purpose of this lesson is to let students relax a little and work on problem solving skills. The task is for students to develop a contraption to protect an uncooked egg from an 8 story fall. The groups were incredibly creative and most of them worked well together.

Here are some words from one group: "Although we were inefficient at first, we didn't give up."
My favorite invention was called "The Nest." They used wire, covered with straw to create a cushion similar to a nest. Then, they lined the nest with styrofoam and wrapped the whole thing with plastic bags an a shower cap.


Reflections said...

I love the pictures! They show the process. I think Amber's idea is a very good way to incorporate learning on several fronts without feeling laborious.

You look amazing! Hope you are able to savor the days.

Norman & Joyce said...

Great activity. It is not actually a soup one, is it?