Friday, April 01, 2011

Sunday afternoon Walk

Good idea--biking along the river-walk on a sunny day.

This man's pose reminded me of a hobbit enjoying a sunny day in the Shire.

Caroline and Jenn were pretty insistent we stop and take some "senior portraits" (wink, wink).

A river shack / boat...I think it might be a gas station.
I like how this photo shows the dichotomy between the old and the modern in China.

This man is wearing some kind of battery pack that has a wire connected to his fishing equipment. When he puts the wand in the water, there is a buzzing, and when the fish touch the wand, they receive an electric shock. (Okay, actually I have no idea how this "wand" works. I'm just making a wild, uneducated guess.)

Sleeping on the job or working in his sleep. . .

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Norman & Joyce said...

It looks as though in addition to other work that construction is being done on the buildings