Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Class picnic

Last week Monday, I went on a class picnic with some students. (Number8 on To Do List.) Unlike most of the things on my To Do list which I have really enjoyed, the picnic with students was not one of them. I'm not sure why, but it didn't help when on the walk to the park, one of the more amiable, ambitious students told me that some of the classmates were hesitant to invite me because they just wanted to "relax" and they didn't want to have some pressure. Hmm, awesome. After learning this, I became a bit paranoid about which students I talked to, not wanting to put some "pressure" on the students who just wanted to relax.

Going on a "picnic" in China is quite different than going on one in America. In America, we chose convenient foods that can be prepared ahead of time and easily stored and transported. In China, they basically prepare the same dishes as they would if they were cooking at home, but cooking the food takes twice as long because they don't have the convenience of a kitchen with an electric stove.

We left for the picnic at about 10:30 from the back of the school gate, walked 20 minutes and started setting up. At 12:30, I had to leave to take the bus to the new campus. The food was not ready by then, but I did get to taste one piece of grilled eggplant and one stick of grilled chicken. As I mentioned before, class picnic? A bit low on the list.

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Norman & Joyce said...

It appears to be a nice area for a picnic.