Saturday, March 26, 2011

Island Get-away

Last week-end, a couple team-mates and I took a short-term team of foreigners to the island in the middle of our city. This island is famous for it's Buddhist temple and it's ancient, abandoned school.
These two are standing over an old well. One of them wanted to climb down into the well, but we discouraged it. Other exciting discoveries included an underground, abandoned shelter...perhaps a former sort of refrigeration.

The main way of transport to the island is an old. It cost 3 Chinese RMB per person, round trip. Here's the group except for our Chinese friend who took the photo for us.

In one abandoned building, we found this enormous wok with some left-overs from who knows when. Hungry?

As we rounded the corner of some older styled Chinese houses, we entered the courtyard and all of us immediately noticed the blue sky. We couldn't help but stare at the sky in awe and joy after being deprived of blue skies for a couple of weeks.

My friend and I took some "senior portraits" for each other.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Quite an outing.