Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. The Midwest is too small. I feel as though I'm one person removed from everyone. Maybe some people consider this coziness a good thing, especially if they have never had one of the following: a blind date, some rough teaching experiences, or a rebellious teen-hood.

2. What is the message a guy wants to send when he wears a pink shirt? I'm merely curious.

3. I want a tattoo, preferably on my big toe.

4. Some of the ceiling paint in my bathroom fell down. The rest of it is bulging with what looks like pockets of water. Any advice? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

There is some water leckage from the apartment above you. Should probably have it looked at before they fall down to your bathroom during their shower :) MOM

bitsyinchina said...

#4: sounds like you have a leak upstairs. Get the school to check their pipes.
Love your posts! Class is beginning, so gotta go.

Julie Hodges said...

And what do you want tattooed on your big toe???
Also, I have wondered about guys in pink shirts too.
Did you go to conference in Thailand? I am assuming you are back in Chiner...with the bulging ceiling and all.
I love looking at your's thoughtful, open, funny...everything I love about you, Portia!!
Miss you and lifting you up!

Portia said...

Hmm, point taken about the water leakage. I'm deciding which points of maintenance should take priority.
Julie, hope to get some kind of "I love Reuben" tattoo or something general like that.