Monday, January 10, 2011

The irony of leaving

As I pack my suitcase, I am also cleaning, throwing out, and organizing only to leave it all behind. It seems we would do well to organize our lives as though we were "leaving" more regularly. Now that my apartment is glowing with contentment and Clorox, I leave, taking with me worries about trains, subways, border crossings, and turbulence out the door.

"Perfect love drives out fear..." this a sentence I often recall and think about when I have fear or anxiety in my life. Sometimes I'm no sure what aspect of love I'm not understanding that I still have fear. If I am confident about the Father's love for me, why should I feel anxious?

Fear and anxiety is something I deal with at different times and seasons of my life, but no matter what, it always hits me full force right before I travel. I am comforted to think though, that ultimately, the smoothness of the travel does not depend on anything I do, but rather on the Father's provisions. And should I meet trouble, may His presence be with me in increasing measure and may His perfect love carry me through.

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