Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random post about Rats

Today with team-mates Wes and Avery, we walked down a great little street with lots of fun shops to buy clothes, baby toys, purses, hats, etc. In the middle of the walking street, there were also some small "kiosks" I guess you could say.I looked over at one kiosk to see two big dead rats sitting on top of some vials inside of a big red bucket. Interested?
Wes said the man was selling very lethal rat poison...(clearly). The vials were the poison; the rats were the proof of its potency. Did I mention that these rats were big? So big, I had to look carefully to see if they were rats or rabbits. Gross!

While we're on the subject of rats, this past week in office time, we also discussed the rat problem in the student's dormitory. The students said they see the rats at night, looking them in the eye. They said the rats climb up their bunk-beds and then sky-dive jump from the top bunk to the floor; these are not ordinary rats we are talking about. This is not the occasional mouse in the house problem.
Together, we brainstormed some ideas to solve the rat problem in the dorms: 1. Getting a cat (but it's forbidden by the school, and it seems rats aren't scared of cats here.) 2. Buying a dead, fried rat and setting it out at night as a threat to the other rats (students said the rats would just eat the dead fried rat). 3. Keeping a rat in a cage to warn the other rats that come in to run away or it will also be held captive.
We decided number three was the only realistic option.

I remember my first year of teaching, I had a student absent from class because "a rat bit his finger during the night" the class monitor told me.
"Yeah right" I thought to myself, "I've heard 'em all." But sure enough, the next week the student was in class with a big white bandaged finger. Yikes!


Norman & Joyce said...

You might consider another visit to that kiosk.

Drew and Rachel said...


HENGYANG! There is no place like it on earth!