Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party 101

This past Saturday, I had a Christmas party for one class of sophomore students. The result was a success thanks to divine help and joy from above. Because there are 36 students in the class and what feels like only 36 square feet in my living room, I had the class divide into two groups for the party. The first group came at 4:00 and left at about 5:45. The second group came at 6:30 and left at about 8:30.
Here was the line-up for the party:
1. Giving the guests drinks (tea, milk, or sprite.)
2. Passing around peanut blossom cookies.
3. Giving the brief introduction of some of the symbols related to Christmas and why these symbols are important.
4. Teaching them 2 Christmas carols.
5. Having a white elephant gift exchange with the small presents that each student had brought.
Highlights from the party?
1. Most definitely when the second group of students asked if they could look in my fridge, then started pulling out items and asking me what they were.
2. Sharing about the Star of David and the reason we give gifts at Christmas time.
3. Singing silent night with the students.
4. The students helping to clean up after the party.
(One students' contribution to the white elephant gift exchange. He does calligraphy and made this scroll. Guess who got this present in the exchange? Unfortunately for me, the words are from the Buddhist holy book; slight conflict of interest.)

(Another student's white elephant gift; she received this pen and some chocolate.)

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Norman & Joyce said...

One square foot for each party goer would certainly be cozy.