Thursday, September 02, 2010

Top 9, Bottom 3

Sometimes, I have so many life events pass in the span of a short 10 days that I don’t make time to update the blog. These past 10 days have been one of those spans of time. But lest people give up hope on checking the blog, I want to give you a brief update of what life has been like. So, I copied a friend’s idea and am listing below the top 9 (positive) and the bottom 3 (negative) things that have happened. Why 9 and 3 you might ask? No particular reason except that the “top” things are a number significantly larger than the “bottom” things therefore conveying my optimism of things past, present, and to come.

Top 9
1. Arriving safely in Beijing to my friends’ cheerful greeting at the airport.
2. Staying with my friend and enjoying the comforts of good conversation, coffee, and a soft bed.
3. Finding my apartment in the relatively same state I left it in.
4. Being impressed with the power of the air conditioners in said apartment.
5. Rediscovering good books and clothes in apartment.
6. Getting to teach freshman students as sophomores.
7. Taking goofy photos with our team around Hengyang.
8. Organizing life (that masquerades itself in papers, books, and expired food products).
9. Eating ice cream while discussing theology with a Chinese friend.

Bottom 3
1. Eating Hunan food—why can't we be friends?
2. Going to the post office—need I say more? (See previous post)
3. Being pointed at and talked about everywhere we go.

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Norman & Joyce said...

The positives outweigh the negatives. Good. We are so pleased that you had a safe trip.