Saturday, September 18, 2010

When the Roll is called up Yonder

Grandpa, today a thought of you made me dig out the hymnal and sing a few songs of praise. I can still hear your voice, strong, clear, beautiful. Your mandolin snugly in in front of you, your harmonica propped just so. You've practiced the music, you've rehearsed the words, you've tuned the instruments, it's your time to let the Father shine. To open, you might start with "What a friend we have in Jesus," and instruct the audience to join you for the chorus. Then of course, you would share about your two best friends, Jesus and Grandma. And you would tell the audience that when you leave earthly friends, you don't have to worry because you know the mighty friend is waiting for you up yonder. Which would lead you into the number, "When the Roll is called up Yonder." Well Grandpa, it looks like you already beat us to yonder, and I'm trusting that all your mornings are breaking, eternal, bright and fair.

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