Friday, July 23, 2010


This past week, I helped mom go through some of my old toys. Here's what the back of the seat looked like as we took the cast-offs to the second hand store in town. I had no problem parting with most dolls and barbies.

However, there were 4 select Barbies that I couldn't bear to part with: the Heart Family. This Barbie family made by Mattel in the 1980's consisted of a dad, mom, and twin babies. These Barbies were special in that the arms of dad and mom had a permanent bend at their elbow making it convenient for them to hold the kids. This Heart family embodies my vision of a what a perfect family, ideally my own future family would look like. This a happy family: their clothes are pastel and cheery (complete with a heart on dad's tie); the kids never misbehave; the parents are perfectly compatible; and the whole family goes driving in their Heart family car on the week-ends.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Who could bear to part with the Heart family? Especially one in such good condition.