Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deep Thought, just one

I'm entering the season in my life that I dramatically call, "I am a middle aged adult living with my parents." For the next 2 months, I'll be mostly staying with my parents in the Midwest. Summer is always a fun time to see friends, family, and visit old places. It's also usually a difficult time for me mentally. A time when I can stand back, breathe, and ask myself, "What are you doing with your life? Where is your little country house with the squeaky wood floors? Where is your farmer Joe husband? How about some offspring?" or sometimes my thoughts go a different direction "Where is your career? How about adding some initials to the beginning of your name? Where is your money? Do you have a car? How about actually writing a book or submitting an article for publication?" and then pretty soon all these unanswerable questions make me feel like a worthless human being.

Nonetheless, thinking through these questions can also be good and helpful for growth and maturity. Should I really base my success in life from the standards this society has created? Probably not. While my society might not hold me in high esteem, it ultimately doesn't matter. I know this to be true; now how do I change my thinking so that I don't even ask these questions because I don't even care?


Mom said...

All those things are nice but you have certainly chosen to follow the path where "real" values are gained.

We look forward to having you make "our home your home" this summer.

Love Mom

Stephanie said...

Let me know if you get some insight on this. I would like to know too. Are you coming to MN at all?

Anonymous said...

Hi girl! Remind me when you get back to the area?