Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One month ago, I was playing with friends in Thailand and attending a conference with our company. Check out some photos:

Currently, I'm back in China preparing for classes to start this Monday. Our foreign teaching team has grown in numbers. Our two new members arrived last night at 11:15. They were a little jet lagged so after helping them with their suitcases, I left them in their new apartment where I think they crashed. With 9 foreign teachers now, and two babies, it feels like we make quite a scene when all go out together. Perhaps, I'm just being paranoid; maybe it only seems like people are staring at us.
The weather recently has been odd for February, quite wonderfully odd. Today, the weather was definitely in the 70's. No need for 3 layers and even 1 layer felt a little oppressive. But even so, we respectfully wear pants and long sleeves in order that we don't get questioned or scolded by the Chinese aunties.
I'm enjoying watching the Olympics. Curling seems to be on every morning here. There are also frequent replays of the Chinese couple that won gold in the pairs figure skating.

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Anonymous said...

I think we had just as many stares as when there where only 5 teachers. If there is any extra looking, it is just because they are in awe of your fashion sense.