Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent Discoveries

All this time while living in Hunan during the winter, I’ve only been wearing two layers of pants thinking that it was impossible to wear more than that on the bottom. Oh, how wrong I was.
Recently, my foreign friend Rachel (who has an amazing blog) mentioned that she was wearing three layers of pants. “Is that possible?” I inquired. If so, what a genius idea. So, the next day, while I was getting dressed, I went for it: one layer of cuddle duds, one layer of spandex sport pants, topped off with one layer of casual pants. Needless to say, I am hooked. Three layers is so much better than a measly two layers of pants.
On a related cold front, I also recently bought boots that have some wool on the inside. Plus, these boots are a little big so I can layer up on the socks. It’s a beautiful thing. Since buying these boots, I have considerable more sensation in my feet when I go out. To think, these past two winters, I’ve been unnecessarily cold when really I just needed to bulk up and buy some wool stuff. Silly me.

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