Saturday, September 05, 2009

Student Cards

We start our classes on Monday. I was just looking over some of the profile cards that students made for their former foreign teacher. The last part of the card includes a place for students to introduce themselves to their foreign teacher. In general, the students seem interested in traveling, reading, singing, and sports. Some of the girl students would end their card by including, “And I love you.” One student drew a little smiley, cartoon ant and underneath it wrote, “Isn’t it lovely?” I’m including a few of my other personal favorites:

“I like eating junk food. I dislike rice because I have eaten it for many years. I hope everyone has a nice future.”

“I felt very exciting that you are my English teacher. for my first day here. I saw you. You talked with others. The smile in your face moved me. I believe we can become good friends. I want to know more about you. So. I come near to you. Can you give me a chance? (So many word in my heart. So small the card.)

“I’m not a shy girl. I believe in myself. I tell me in the bottom of my heart. Go Go.”

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Caroline Crook said...

That's hilarious. Portia, can you give me a chance? I hope everyone has a nice future. :)