Monday, August 31, 2009

When did we learn to enjoy food?

When do we learn how to eat solid food?

I’ve been wondering when babies learn how to eat food and when do they master the whole swallowing thing. This past week in Hengyang, I went to the welfare center a couple of mornings. At the center, I’ve held the little ones in one of the baby rooms. I’ve also gotten to help feed them; I’m not very good at feeding them. But, in my defense, the babies are not very good at eating. One little baby boy whom I was feeding, would feel the food on the top of his mouth, and then in an attempt to swallow ended up pushing half of the food back out of his mouth with his tongue. Another girl, I noticed, would cry as she swallowed and would jerk her head back and forth in an attempt to avoid the spoon. I’ve also noticed that my friend’s child, when he was first learning how to eat solid food, would cry as he was eating. He would just whine and whine and would also end up spitting back half of the food in protest. Which leads me to ask, when do babies learn how to eat? When do babies change their attitudes about eating? When does eating go from being something troublesome to something enjoyable? Any thoughts?

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