Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My second move to Hengyan

Okay—here are my first impressions of new apartment in Hengyang: Disclaimer—these thoughts are disorganized: I’m so happy to see a red, clean, freshly bought bedspread; can’t contain it. Wow—it looks so bright and well-organized in here. There’s not even any dust on the floor. How do I work this washing machine again? What—no plug in the sink? Is this mold I see growing inside this plastic container? Why does the fridge smell like a stale locker room? How am I supposed to shut the bathroom door with a broken handle? How do I work the TV? What’s the number to order water again? Why do I have so much stuff-what’s in all these bags anyways? Seriously—I need to get these clothes into the washing machine fast—how hard can it be to figure out how to work the washing machine? How do I get the cable on the TV to work? Where did I pack that extra extension cord? What is wrong with the mouse on this office computer? How am I going to get the mold and grime off the cleaning supplies?

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