Sunday, May 03, 2009

Construction Zone or Prom

I have a new way to look at the construction going on outside our apartment. Recently, they have made our entry ways more "secure" by putting green-mesh around the built up platform. It's like walking through a green tunnel, but something about it reminds me a lot of walking through an archway for our Junior prom. At this particular prom, we had created an archway that had vines and lights lining the top and sides of the entry-way. Each couple had to walk under the archway as they entered the "tropical paradise" which normally served as our school cafeteria.
The green mesh going on right now outside our apartment reminds me so much of walking under the trellis at our Junior prom. The only difference is the theme. Instead of a tropical theme, this is more of a construction work zone theme (which I might add is very creative and original.)

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