Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Invite or not to Invite

Dear Abby:
When do you initiate hanging out with a friend and when do you wait for them to initiate it? I have several friends here who I feel I pretty consistently invite to eat supper together or watch a movie. They always accept and seem to enjoy the time, but they never reciprocate. Is this like a dating relationship? Do I invite them so that they lose interest in hanging out with me? Do I need to wait for them to invite me to do something?

I feel like I understand most social situations, and I don't sense that I have any awkward social tendencies that would prevent others from inviting me to hang out, but I'm not sure why they haven't reciprocated the invite. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Joyful,
I'm not sure that this is just a unique thing to the area that you are at either. We've found that it's a bit like this with one of the "communities" that we are involved in here in Manhattan.

It sound's like you're trying to be friendly and go out of your way. We've had more success building relationships with in the college community, neighborhood, and the elementary school community then we have in the other area that we might think of as being where those relationships would develop first.

I'm not saying don't keep trying, but maybe this door is shut because there is another door to be opened else where.

BTW - We got your postcard ages ago and I'm WAY overdue in responding. Just wanted you to know that we love you and your often in our thoughts even if we don't communicate as often as we should.

Keri and Family