Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hair Comes the Bride

I have a lot of friends that are engaged right now..(a lot being 4 or 5), and I notice that they all have longish hair (in longish, I mean their hair is at least past their shoulders). Now, I have also heard it said that guys really go for women who have longer hair. To debunk this theory, I can think of one or two of my friends who have gotten married sporting short hair. In general though, it would seem that most women approach that alter with either long tresses spiraling down their back or with their long locks pinned ferociously and gracefully in place with glittery clips. I haven't seen too many women walking down the aisle with short, messy hair, or a cute little bob hair-cut.

Clearly, I need to further investigate this social phenomenal. And I'm wondering if the 2 male readers out there could also share their opinion on this topic. Would you agree that my theory is in part true? And if so, isn't it a slight conspiracy that no one is telling the single women out there that the true reason they have not met anyone has nothing to do with character development or "the right timing" but rather their hair style?


Anonymous said...

Only two male readers? There must be more.

I would definitely say that your theory has at least some merit. Kind of a sad commentary on the depth of character in today's society.

Another factor may be the speed at which shallow communication can be passed via text, (or online chat tools). Shallow and quick seems much more common than deep and thoughtful.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, especially thoughts like this. Seriously laughing out loud. You'll have to update us when you finish your research. :) Haircut anyone?