Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bakery Worker

In just 5 days, I’ll be heading back to the classroom for intensive, academic study. Okay, I guess I make it sound a little more serious than it is. It’s still pretty serious, but I’m hoping to be more light-hearted and laugh at myself more this semester.
It’s off to a good start though. Despite the rainy, grey weather, the semester’s off to a good start. I’m consciously aware of my need to interact more everyday with Chinese people. My friend and I just got back from a Chinese bakery. This is a little more upscale bakery with actual doors and tables and chairs. The cakes and breads also look amazing. But the best part of this bakery was the friendly staff. There were about 5 college aged women standing around complimenting us on our Chinese. It made me want to visit their store and buy their bread everyday  such an encouragement. As we were walking out, one of the workers also ran over to us and asked if we could be friends. I was very happy to be asked this question. A lot of people want you to be their friend so that you can help them with their English, but she did not seem to have this agenda and could barely speak English so I think her request was pretty legitimate. I’m excited to hopefully become friends with the bakery worker and other people like her.

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