Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas wishes from a friend

I have received a lot of Holiday wishes from former students. They have sent me text messages and emails wishing me a Merry Christmas. They have also shared their excitement about the season. I just received the following from a former student. She explains my previous post quite well:)

"Although it is very cold ,we all are very happy and exciting.Because tomorrow is Christmas Day !You can hear JingleBell everywhere.The air is full filled with christmas atmosphere,I mean christmas tree ,christmas clothes and christmas gifts.When we go downtown, many people wear as Santa Claus giving small gifts and sending ad reports to attract customers.They are very funny,especially their long white beard.I hope you would see the picture,really interesting....If you were here I would like to give you an apple(this is a superstition.An apple means you will enjoy a healthy life, a great career and a happy family.) I hope your house is filled with apples and happiness.God bless you!"

I am thankful that students remember me on this Christmas, and I want to extend the same Christmas wish as my student to you...This season, may your house be filled with apples and happiness.

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