Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Just Be Honest!

Okay, I'm going to be honest. Being away from your home country in the month of November just really stinks. I miss pretty much every memory of living in the midwest during Fall. I try to compensate by wearing apple lotion, eating a lot of pumpkin, and talking with friends and family back home. (Is this a healthy coping mechanism?) I didn't really realize how much I was missing home until I wrote these words; they are kind of cheesy.

I am Dorothy,
Clicking my pen
Thinking of my Kansas.
Of muted golden fields,
and the crunchy, dryness of Fall.
Of apple cider and pumpkin pie
after watching football games and playing in pep band.

Here I sit
Thinking of my Aunty Em and Toto
walking together after school,
and taking week-end trips to the city.
Or simply debriefing the days events over dinner
and later enjoying tea with neighbors.
This is my Kansas.
Click, click, click goes my pen.


Anonymous said...

Oh, we miss you too. It's never as "romantic" when you are actually here. The crispness is gone as the ground is covered with snow!

Homework helps me think of you and commiserate with you kids!


Laurita said...

Portia: Hang in there. If it makes you feel better the leaves are gone, it's getting cold and it's been foggy and rainy for 3 days now. Jayme is homesick too. Oh you girls - come home to us!! We miss you!