Friday, May 30, 2008


It’s cucumber season here in Hunan; it’s common to see people walking around munching on a cucumber. Students say that they will sometimes only eat raw cucumbers if they want to lose weight. I am guessing this is a pretty effective diet plan. However, I think cucumber eating must have some other appeal too because I also see older men eating cucumbers. Another interesting thing about cucumber eating is that people eat cucumbers at all times..morning, mid-afternoon, supper-time. It’s all fair game. I have gotten into the cucumber eating spirit too, but I like my cucumbers sliced and mixed with vinegar and sugar (just like grandma makes it.)

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Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree that cucumbers should be eaten the way grandma makes them. Heard a rumor that you might be back for the August Gathering? Ericka going back to school and $ of gas has us troubled as to what to do. I'm curious do they just walk around eating them like apples? klf