Monday, February 02, 2015

On Work-ing Well

I have been thinking a lot about work recently. I say "work" because that is what it has felt like recently to me. Work in the full sense of the word-- physically demanding and emotionally draining. This is how I feel after a full week of working with 5 and 6 years old. Slapping band-aids on fingers, helping a child puke over the garbage, putting out fires when feelings are hurt, reminding kids not to run, push, shove, or lick the garbage. Yes. . work.

I am not that person who always volunteered to watch infants in the nursery or wanted to baby-sit every week-end. I am not that girl. I have only recently entertained the idea of even having my own children. No, I am definitely not the Kindergarten teacher prototype.

And yet, here is where I work. Day in. Day out.

Work. It is necessary, and I know that God designed it. I know that I am honoring God by doing the job even when I don't "feel" like it. I know he is growing in me fruits of the spirit when I am tired and cranky and a student asks me why I have lines on my forehead. And for the most part there is a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that I am being faithful with the task he has given me.

But at another point, I feel that some talents I do have may be lying dormant and growing stale while I am doing the job that someone else might be shining in. I feel like I am a point guard playing center on the court. Maybe I can do it, but am I helping the overall team?

Obviously work is something that is often on my mind quite literally especially since it takes up about 8 hours of my day Monday through Friday. I am at a loss. I don't know if I should strive for something else or if I should simply look to work with a slightly older age group. These questions are supposed to be answered in college, right?  I guess they have a way of resurfacing.

Are you in a job that feels like work? How are you making the best of it? Or, what advice would you have for people like me who feel like they are point guards playing center?

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Anonymous said...

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