Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners: the new F word

This year's class of Kindergarteners likes to give lots of hugs and specializes in spontaneous chanting and singing.  It seems that on cue, the entire line will start singing "This Land is Your Land, this land is mine land" except they don't quite have the words down so it sounds something like, "This hand is your hand."

They are also incredibly sweet. They constantly give us notes that say, "I love you" or whisper in our ears, "you are the best teacher ever." One girl loves to give compliments. She will often compliment three different things that I am wearing all in one breath.

Today in class, our water was turned off in the entire building so instead of washing hands before lunch, we used hand sanitizer. One girl rubbed in the sanitizer, held her hands up to smell them and said, "This smells like . . like Love."

Yesterday, while coming in from the playground. One boy told me, "Abdullah said the "F" word."
"What is the "F" word Abdullah," I asked the other boy.
"Facebook," he replied.

One of the cutest boys in our class often needs help zipping up his jacket. The other day as I was zipping up his jacket, I said to him with a semi-serious face: "Why am I doing your job for you? I don't like doing other people's jobs."
He smiled, then laughed, then got very serious.
"Mrs. Tebandeke, don't be so silly. It hurts my heart when I laugh."

At the playground a few weeks ago, the little Urkel student from Kindergarten last year came over and said, "Look at this rock I found. I think it is from 1982, the same year as my Grandfather's birth."
  "I was born in 1982" I responded to the student.
  "I mean his death. Yes, this rock is from 1982, the same year as my Grandfather's death. But there is only one way to know for sure. I will hit this rock against this cement, and if the rock does not break apart, I will know it's from 1982."
(Student starts striking the rock vigorously against the cement.)
"Yep, just as I thought. 1982."

There is seldom a day, when my heart is not lightened after working with this group of Kindergarten students. They are so genuine, so well-behaved, so eager to learn. I truly feel blessed, and I need to keep being thankful for these blessings. 


Rachel Addington said...

hahahahahahha! 1982.

Ana said...

Loved this post. Those kids are adorable!