Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day

Today, I am grateful for my siblings. My brothers and I got along quite well growing up. Sure, there was the occassional fight, but in general we learned how to overcome our differences. I'll never forget going outside with my older brother week-day nights to shoot hoops while listening to the radio blaring from the open trunk of the car. Or, playing battleship with my younger brother Shane and trying to calm him down after beating him, time and time again.

For a short period of our life, we were also lucky enough to have some pets.  A family friend in town had three kittens that he needed to find a home for, and since our house was one mile out of town, we were a good option. Each of us siblings claimed and named one of the kittens as our own. The kittens personalities strangely reflected our own personalities at the time. My cat was extremely temperamental and liked peace and quiet. Nick's kitten was independent and brave, sometimes aloof. And Shane's cat was extremely laid-back and easy-going. Everyday after school, we would head outside and play with our kittens for a bit before losing interest and rushing off to make a fort or play on the swings.

Fast forward about 20 years to the present. Our lives are no longer as simple or worry-free as they were when we were kids, but we still enjoy hanging out or catching up on the phone. We respect one another and value each others' opinions. Just a few weeks ago, I called my older brother with a medical question, and just last week, I called my younger brother with a computer question. And although I'm sad that we don't live closer, I'm still so thankful for the happy years we had growing up as siblings, and then becoming friends.

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