Monday, January 06, 2014

On Being Intentional

I am a task-oriented person. I like to accomplish tasks. I like to squeeze more tasks into the day than there is time to do it. I also like to be somewhat impulsive especially when it comes to hanging out with friends. Sometimes I even think that this is a positive attribute being so "flexible."  But since getting married, I realize that my impulsive side can sometimes have some negative after effects. Maybe I feel completely up for inviting some friends over for dinner or lunch, but maybe Rob was looking forward to relaxing with his sweet, cute wife.  Perhaps I need to take another look our social calendar and realize that maybe instead of prioritizing the quantity of social things we do with others, we need to prioritize the quality things we do with others.

Furthermore, I am starting to wonder if I simply hang out with people sometimes to make myself feel that I have accomplished something (such as connecting with a friend) that day. Don't misunderstand me: connecting with friends is great. But sometimes I just use that to feed my own sense of self-worth (which is not okay.) So instead of living so impulsively, this month I want to live more intentionally.  I want to be intentional in how I use my time. I don't want to hang out with people just to be doing something with my time. I want to know how God wants me to use my time whether that is with or without people.

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