Friday, January 10, 2014

Making Friends in your 30's

I saw on the news that as people get older, it gets increasingly hard for them to make friends. (You can check out the news blurb here:  Experts Say Finding Friends More Difficult After 30)

I would agree that making new friends is hard, but I have been fortunate to have made some excellent new friends since turning 30. In a way, I think we as believers are supposed to continue to challenge ourselves to make new friends. Community with people we know and trust is important, but if we are only inward focused on our group, we may be missing some opportunities and other people might be missing out too. Furthermore, I think that when you try to make new friends, you are making yourself vulnerable, and being vulnerable can be a good thing to keep us humble. No one knows about that awesome touchdown you scored at the state championship. No one really cares where you work or who your parents are. What is your character? That is what people want to know about.

I have more thoughts on this, but they all flew away now.

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tLisa Ngukam said...

I found the title interesting, cuz I didnt know it was harder to make friends in your 30s...I think its hard for some people. I love making new friends anywhere...but truly calling someone your friend takes least for me.