Saturday, January 25, 2014

32 at 32

Spoiler alert: As of January 23rd, I am 32 years old. Today, I am throwing myself a Birthday Friendship party. Rob and I have the party room at our apartment reserved, and I have invited an eclectic mix of friends from my sister-in-law to some colleagues (past and present) to our Bible study group to some long-time friends. We will have chips, dips, drinks, cake, games, and a wii for people's enjoyment. I cannot wait!

Every year on my Birthday, I think about something meaningful or noteworthy to try and accomplish that year. This year, I want to be more intentional about doing service work. I also made a list of some other small  note-worthy things I want to be intentional about.

Here are the 32 things to do at age 32:
1. Get a new passport that has my married name on it.
2. Take the OPI test in Mandarin Chinese -- (oral test ).
3. Visit my brother, sister-in-law and little ones in Oregon
4. Run a race --5k or 10k
5. Swim in a lake.
6. Go on a  several picnics.
7. Host a hot-pot party.
8. Go camping with Rob and friends.
9. Start speaking Chinese with strangers.
10. Find a career job using English writing, teaching, or editing skills.
11. Wear my hair down more (even though it looks kind of out of control).
12. Throw a graduation party for Rob after he graduates with his Masters in May.
13. Read 20 books in the year 2015 --2 books down, 18 to go.
14. Have a spiritual conversation with a Muslim colleague.
15. Wear bright colors more often.
16. Wake up early even on days off.
17. Visit my brother and his girlfriend in Bozeman, MT.
18. Try cooking more varieties of food --Thai, Chinese, & African.
19. Be more intentional about memorizing scripture--1 verse a week with review session.
20. Practice the fruits of the spirit --especially patience and self-control.
21. Spend less time on social media.
22. Read more biographies of people who did kingdom worthy things with their lives.
23. Join a new sub-group.
24. Make a new friend--(I'm working on this one.)
25. Go on a day bike trip with Rob.
26. Think about money less.
27. Honor the sabbath --enjoy more time reading and reflecting on this day.
28. Make better choices about movies I watch.
29. Watch fewer movies.
30. Leave more random notes for people.
31. Say an encouraging word or word of affirmation whenever the opportunity arises.
32. Do volunteer work once a month.

What are some things you are working on this year?


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tLisa Ngukam said...

#20 for me too! :) Happy Birthday dear friend! I had an awesome 32 year!!!! I am sure God will bless you mightily!!