Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today I am thankful. 
So very thankful. 
Thankful for just enough
without excess to confuse
and lead me astray 
to the department stores
where I start to believe that
according to Macy's,
I will never have "enough."

Thankful for this job 
that makes me think
everyday about
how to be better, 
how to engage students, 
how to disengage myself, 
how to demonstrate 
a listening ear
and listen

Thankful for a friend
I could not have made more perfect.
A friend I don’t want to change or dissect
but rather absorb
as we pass the hours and minutes
of figuring out this mysterious life

Thankful for this day, 
this chance to sit and let my mind
wander with no specific direction 
and let my body slow 
and settle 
into the sofa
as I sip on life, 
a day off, 
a small gift from God. 


Norman & Joyce said...

Small, but wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thankfulness makes a heart happy.

I am thankful for you :)

Your mother