Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Recent Discoveries

Sweet potato fries
The joy of eating mustard
How to save time by showering less
How to listen
How to know when one's not listening.
How to say nothing.
How to hug.

Perfume. . . Cologne
The fine art of kissing
Younger men.
How to disengage when the introverted self has had enough.
How to confront friends
and love hurting people. 

Anne Lamott's memoirs . . .

How to not take self so seriously
How to realize that most of what we think is secure
... will leave us tomorrow
How to smile despite that.
How to say difficult things.

How to realize limits
then set more unrealistic ones. 


Norman & Joyce said...

Is any discovery too late?

Drew and Rachel said...

do you mean the fine art of kissing, and younger men. or the fine art of kissing younger men? and how young are we talking exactly? please apprise. you can email me in the middle of the night, I won't think you're weird; I'll be awake too! (day here)



Portia said...

Ah Rachel, that is the elusive beauty of a poem. What exactly do I mean? :)

Drew and Rachel said...