Monday, April 30, 2012

A Closing

So this is perhaps my last entry on here. Blogger keeps sending me emails asking me to register my account with gmail. But after spending an hour trying to figure it out on Saturday and having my brother (who majored in Computer Science) work on it for another hour, I think it just might be a conspiracy. Or perhaps a message from above telling me to write and think less and live and pray more.

However, if by chance I still have access to this blog, I will try to start writing posts again in a couple of weeks. Thanks for all those who check out this blog and / or send feedback. I really appreciate it and am blessed by you.


Norman & Joyce said...

May you have blessings that are overflowing and "stomped down."

Drew and Rachel said...

that sounds so weird?

Erica T said...

Aww, I hope it doesn't kick you out! I like hearing from you, although I understand where you're coming from about wanting to live where you are. I think you've got a great writing voice and I like to hear your thoughts about life and God and everything in between. God bless.