Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I wrote a slightly bitter post titled "On Inconveniencing Self for People Who Don't Care." It seems I've had to eat some of the things I wrote; I don't mind though. Sometimes, it's good for us all to eat a slice of humble pie and realize our own expectations were not realistic.

 There is just one last relationship I need to work through a bit in my heart.

But sometimes it feels kind of nice to hang on to the feelings of injustice for awhile. Does anyone else ever feel base like me in this way? You want to forgive, you know you should forgive, but you also feel wronged and the other person doesn't even realize it. All the more reason to turn an icy shoulder to the offending party, right?

But bitterness is bringing with it new problems of a cold heart, stomach acid, and cloudy judgement.
So, this week I am resolved to end this bitterness and make things right again, if only in my heart.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Can humble pie make a person overweight or overwhelmed?