Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if you know you were significant to me and are still today. I cannot move forward without thinking back and wondering...what if things had been different? And if you, instead of being independent and proud, had been open and taken a chance.

Then maybe this memory of you would have been the start of something beautiful, and you would now be my permanent friend.


Jenny - AKA - frogmama said...

I've been in that position before - only I was the independent and proud one. I have an old childhood neighbor who was a year younger than me and had a MAJOR crush on me years ago- and I completely blew him off because if his age and my pride. Sadly, I found out this past week that he and his wifes' 4 month old daughter suddenly passed away. I do not wish that pain on anyone. It sure made me think back to him walking over to my house when we were 12 and 13 he saw I was outside and I would be so annoyed with him. Hard to believe the stories of life others will endure as they age if you were told them when you were a kid and thought they were short, fat and annoying :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... Can I ask more?


Norman & Joyce said...

The pain of "it might have been."