Friday, December 30, 2011

Turn to Page 30

Someone is going to be 30 soon. This same someone is trying to remain optimistic about it. So, she made a list of light-hearted goals for her 30's.

1. No more buying cardigans.
2. Slowly cut back on morning coffee.
3. Sleep in whenever possible.
4. Try not to be so obsessive compulsive. Namely, don't replay conversations thinking about what you could have said differently or how you could have ended it better.
5. Write more poems.
6. Hold more babies.
7. Curl hair 2 times a week.
8. Start jogging during the week (3 times at 20 minutes a pop; seriously self, how hard can it be?)
10. Work on Chinese: become a regular listener and commenter on Chinesepod.
11. Laugh more and join activities that facilitate laughing (game night, Jack Handey quotes?)
12. Give your friends specific encouragement about qualities you appreciate in them.
13. Say no to movie theaters.
14. Say yes to sledding and skiing and other winter sports.
15. Eat more cayenne pepper (helps with circulation.)
16. Drink more wine (purely health purposes.)
17. Make original mistakes in relationships.
18. Always be willing to host people.
19. Spend more time talking to the Father as you would a friend.
20. Spend less time requesting things and more time praising Him.


Drew and Rachel said...

I like your list!
You're turning 30, it's true. Don't let the number wield any power.

your pals,
Drew & Rach

Norman & Joyce said...

Turn to page 30 and enjoy it all the way.

yuan family said...

I can help with #6! You are more than welcome to come down here and hold Halle whenever you want! It was so good to see you...we would love to get together with you sometime soon.

Portia said...

Awesome. Yes, I will take you up on that offer. Also, look me up when you're in the Cities!